babywipes_nateen_canada_premium_diapers_biodegradable_sustainable_ecoliving ecofriendly_ toronto vancouver size large_16_units
Nateen Baby Diapers, Premium Quality Biodegradable Diapers size chart sustainable compostable wipes and other incontinence
babywipes_nateen_canada_premium_diapers_biodegradable_sustainable_ecoliving_ecofriendly compostable leakproof soft absorbent
Baby seating with Nateen diaper_premium_biodegradable_sustainable_ecoliving_ecofriendly compostable leakproof soft absorbent

Nateen Premium Diapers Large (7 - 18 kg | 15 - 40 lbs)

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Extremely soft, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly diapers. Nateen baby diapers are formulated for sensitive skin, with premium softness and breathability to help keep the baby dry and comfortable. All our diapers are eco-friendly,  by being 80% biodegradable and decomposing between 3 to 6 years compare to conventional diapers that might take 300+ years.


  • Description
  • Size Chart
  • Subscription
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  • 1. Size Large
  • 2. Presentation of 16 diapers, 64 diapers, 128 diapers
  • 3. For babies weight within 8 - 14 kg | 18 - 30 lbs.
  • 4. If you are unsure about your baby's size, please check our Size Guide
  • 5. Looking for a different size? Visit our Product Page

  • Nateen
  • 1. Premium quality (Extremely soft)
  • 2. Highly Absorbent, great for overnight use.
  • 3. Humidity indicator. No Chlorine or Fragrances.
  • 4. Hypoallergenic
  • 5. Neutralize unpleasant odours.
  • 6. The skin breathes and stays dry.
  • 7. Overlaying: non-woven and non-allergenic, for hygienic use.
  • 8. Very high anti-leak protection. Hydrophobic.
  • 9. Biodegradable
  • 10. Elasticated waist 3D Flex&Fit.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Paule Gagnon
    On adoore ces couches !

    J’ai cessé de me sentir coupable d'utiliser des couches jetables du moment que j’ai découvert Nateen.

    Not great fitting and very slow delivery

    First time buyer and was looking for a company to subscribe to. I found the weight category my baby was supposed to fit into was too small. When reaching out since I bought a pack I was only offered a 15% discount. On top of that the delivery was super slow so I had to buy a couple of alternative diaper packages in the time it was supposed to be delivered.

    Dawn Conci

    Nateen Premium Diapers Large (7 - 18 kg | 15 - 40 lbs)

    They run a bit big

    I bought these planning to use them as overnight diapers (intentionally a size bigger than usual) my son is 17lbs but these are still way too big, to the point where when he pees it goes right through to leg because there’s a huge gap. We’ll stick with size medium for now (he’s size 3 in other diapers so I would suggest buying these if your child is size 5-6 in other diapers)

    Chynna Lynn
    Awesome diapers

    They have great absorption and fit my son perfectly! Will definitely be buying more. We use them at daycare, as they don’t accept cloth diapers and even our daycare lady says these diapers are way better than the usual brands