baby wipes nateen canada premium diapers biodegradable sustainable eco-living ecofriendly Quebec size medium 18
baby wipes nateen Canada premium diapers biodegradable sustainable eco-living ecofriendly Toronto size medium 72
baby wipes nateen canada premium diapers biodegradable sustainable eco-living ecofriendly Toronto size medium 100
Nateen diapers are extremely soft, hypoallergenic, with leakproof, very absorbent, 12 hours, biodegradable wet indicator
Nateen Premium Diapers Medium (4 - 9 kg | 9 - 20 lbs)

Nateen Premium Diapers Medium (4 - 9 kg | 9 - 20 lbs)

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Extremely soft, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly diapers. Nateen baby diapers are formulated for sensitive skin, with premium softness and breathability to help keep the baby dry and comfortable. All our diapers are eco-friendly,  by being 80% biodegradable and decomposing between 3 to 6 years compare to conventional diapers that might take up to 300 years.

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  • 1. Size Medium
  • 2. Presentation of 18 diapers, 72 diapers, 144 diapers
  • 3. For babies weight within 4 - 9 kg | 11 - 20 lbs.
  • 4. If you are unsure about your baby's size, please check our Size Guide
  • 5. Looking for a different size? Visit our Product Page

  • Nateen
  • 1. Premium quality (Extremely soft)
  • 2. Highly Absorbent, great for overnight use.
  • 3. Humidity indicator. No Chlorine or Fragrances.
  • 4. Hypoallergenic
  • 5. Neutralize unpleasant odours.
  • 6. The skin breathes and stays dry.
  • 7. Overlaying: non-woven and non-allergenic, for hygienic use.
  • 8. Very high anti-leak protection. Hydrophobic.
  • 9. Biodegradable
  • 10. Elasticated waist 3D Flex&Fit.
  • 1. Your discount is applied as soon as you choose the subscription option on the product page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Rebecca Fawcett
Mostly happy with nateen diapers

I’m fairly happy with the diapers so far, we’re on our second package. They’re very soft and comfortable for baby and out of all the brands we’ve tried, we’ve had very few least leaks and blow outs so I’m happy about that. We tried nateen because other brands of diapers were literally burning my baby’s skin and these claimed to be good for extra sensitive babies and when I messaged to ask they said they’re TCF. I have to say we’ve had zero skin reactions, and not a single diaper rash. I put only 4 stars for a couple reasons. One is I don’t love that they have polyurethane as an ingredient but at this point I’m just happy they aren’t burning my baby so I’m less concerned about perfectly “clean” ingredients, just something to note. The other thing I don’t love is the way they puff up so big. They hold it all in but they get huge with even a small amount of liquid which with a smaller baby isn’t a big deal but I can imagine it being uncomfortable for crawling or walking babies. They aren’t my favourite fit out of all the diaper brands we’ve tried but the fact that my baby’s skin is ok and I’m not having lots of blow outs makes the fit complaint sort of unimportant. Overall we’re happy and plan to keep using these diapers.

Great product

Premium quality diapers, super soft. Love that they are biodegradable.

Mariana Mena
Overall okay

We have been very pleased with the the diapers except this time on our second time ordering two of our diapers didn’t have the attachments on one of the sides. Unfortunately, that’s two diapers wasted. I would recommend improving your quality control.

Thanks for your review i am glad to hear that you like our products. Regarding those 2 faulty diapers please note that manufacturing defects happen every once in a while, but customers should not have to pay for it. Please email us at and we can help you with getting a refund for those faulty diapers.
Have a great day

Love these diapers!

These diapers are all that we use for our LO. They are so soft and have excellent coverage. We are practicing EC with our baby and these are the perfect diaper backup. The only complaint that I have is the time it takes to receive the diapers after the order is placed. Usually takes much longer than 1-5 business days to receive our orders. Great product though!

Michael O’Connel
Great diapers

Loved these diapers. They are what we were looking for. Soft, good fit, no leaks….plus, you don’t feel that bad with the environment as they are biodegradable