How Can I Help my Baby with Sensitive Skin? 

Babies tend to have very soft and delicate skin, especially in the first few years. Some have extra sensitive skin which means more prone to inflammation, itching, and soreness. You need a little extra care for helping the baby with sensitive skin. Here is a guide on how to help a baby with sensitive skin: 

What is a Sensitive Skin and What is the Cause of it? 

When the natural skin barrier becomes damaged, it results in the reduction of moisture. The skin becomes dry and prone to irritants. These irritants lead to inflammation of the skin causing itching and other problems. 

Babies have more sensitive skin as compared to adults. 

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The reason is before being born they had lived in a liquid for 9 months and hence require some time to adjust to the new environmental conditions. 

During the early years, their skin forms a protective barrier made of oil and water known as the hydrolipidic layer. Since it’s in the initial phase of forming, it is prone to damage and hence the increased sensitivity. 

There are a variety of factors that can cause sensitive skin. We did quite a research and came up with the top reasons that cause sensitive skin in babies: 

  • Environmental factors like air conditioning, central heating, and seasonal changes.
  • Hygienic factors like excessive washing, improper drying, perfumed soaps, alcohol wipes, products with harsh chemicals, and washing powders. 

Helping a Baby with Sensitive Skin: 

As a parent, worrying about your baby’s sensitive skin comes naturally. You have landed at the right place as we are going to share some of our tried and tested tips to help a baby with sensitive skin. Here, have a look:

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Bathing: Give your little one a daily bath with lukewarm water between 36 and 37 C. make sure the bath time is quick and short as excessive washing can lead to a decrease in natural oils in the skin. 

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Keep the Skin Moisturised: keep your baby’s skin moisturized using a gentle moisturizer designed specially for babies. While drying the skin after washing or bathing, make sure you do not rub hard instead pat dry it. 

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Pick Breathable and Soft Fabrics: from clothing to bedding to wrapping, make sure you use fabrics that are super soft and always breathable. The best and recommended fabrics are cotton, fleece and jersey knit. 

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Do Laundry Regularly: Wash your baby’s bedding and clothes regularly and that too with a detergent that is recommended for sensitive skin. 


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Choose the Right Diapers: the diaper area is one of the most sensitive parts of a baby’s body. Since it is exposed to moisture most of the time and not much of the air,  it is more prone to inflammation and itching. The best thing you could do is to choose diapers that are free of chemicals and hypoallergenic in nature. We personally recommend Nateen diapers that are eco-friendly, chemical-free, and made of highly absorbent materials. 

Final Verdict: 

Having super sensitive skin is totally normal in babies. All they need is little extra care. Following these tips, you will be able to manage it like a pro.


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