Homemade Holiday: Nurturing Sustainability

With the holidays quickly approaching, it is the ideal moment to consider how we affect the environment, and our children's futures, by the decisions we make with our wallets. It can be simple to make our festivities more environmentally friendly and sustainable. There are many methods to lessen our environmental impact while still celebrating, such using recyclable wrapping paper, making your own decorations, and staying away from toxic scented candles that are harmful to your health and the environment.

Wrapping Paper Picks

Using recyclable wrapping paper can make the excitement of opening gifts even more enjoyable. Conventional wrapping paper adds needless waste since it frequently contains non-recyclable elements like foil or plastic glitter. Choose recyclable and recycled products whenever possible, or use leftover fabric, newspapers, or even old maps if you're feeling inventive. Customizing your wrapping gives your gifts a special touch while also cutting down on waste.

Natural Ornaments

Making your own ornaments not only gives your décor a unique touch, but it also lessens the need for mass-produced, frequently non-biodegradable ornaments. Get your loved ones together and create your own ornaments with recycled paper, repurposed household items, and natural elements like pinecones, popcorn, oranges, cranberries, and twigs. You'll not only make priceless memories, but you'll also help make the festive season more environmentally friendly.

Reuse & Reduce

Think about spending your money on reusable, eco-friendly Christmas decorations that you can use year after year. Timeless and robust décor pieces composed of materials like metal, wood, or recycled stained glass can add a celebratory feel without adding to the culture of throwaway goods. When choosing outside decorations, look for solar-powered or energy-efficient LED lights to reduce the amount of electricity used.

Thrifted Treasures

It can be so exciting to find unexpectedly perfect vintages pieces at the thrift store. There are beautiful old ornaments of exceptional quality to be found! Plenty of hidden treasures abound, from timeless blown glass ornaments and heirloom-quality decorations, to fun retro pieces. By reusing such pre-loved objects, you lower the demand for mass-produced, low quality plastic junk. Each piece will have a story, and can make your tree decorating more meaningful, as you recount the origins, year after year.

Intentional Gifting

Think about ethical and environmentally friendly gift-giving possibilities. Select eco-friendly gift options, patronize nearby artists and companies, or go for experiences over tangible possessions. Experience presents, like spa vouchers, cooking classes, or concert tickets, make enduring memories without piling up more stuff.

Toxic Scented Products

Many traditional scented candles are made with artificial perfumes and chemicals that can be bad for the environment and your health. Choose candles that are composed of natural materials like soy or beeswax. These substitutes release less contaminants into the atmosphere in addition to burning cleanly. To give a nice and natural perfume to your house, utilize essential oils or boil some plants. You can boil cinnamon with cloves and oranges, or pinecones and needles for an earthier scent.


We can all help create a better world by implementing these eco-friendly habits throughout the holidays. Making eco-friendly decisions is an opportunity to celebrate in a way that is consistent with our commitment to environmental stewardship, not a means of abandoning the joy and festivities of the season. This holiday season, let's make it one of happiness, thankfulness, and sustainability for future generations.

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