Having a baby? This is what you need to know before travelling with your newborn

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Are you a first-time mom travelling with your newborn for the first time? Whether you're taking a road trip to grandma's house or jetting off on an international adventure, there are a few things you need to know before taking the baby along for the ride. Here are our top tips for keeping your little one safe and comfortable while on the go!

Nateen eco-diapers If travelling by air, make sure you have all the necessary documents before travelling, including your child's birth certificate and passport.
Nateen eco-diapers Make sure to check with the airline about their policy on travelling with infants.
Nateen eco-diapers If your baby is breastfed or takes formula, bring along plenty of milk or formula and bottles/nipples if needed
Nateen eco-diapers Pack a small bag with everything you might need during the flight - snacks, a change of clothes for your baby, a blanket and your Nateen Diapers. Our goal is to help you keep your baby dry and comfortable while travelling.
Nateen eco-diapers Plan ahead and allow enough time for airport security and boarding.
Nateen eco-diapers Keep your baby calm and comfortable during the flight by breastfeeding, using a pacifier, or giving them a toy to play with

We hope these little tidbits of information will make your next family vacation a breeze!

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