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Nateen Premium Pull-Up Training Pants with 360° Adaptive Fit, Stretchy Waistband, Hypoallergenic and Super Absorbent large
Nateen Premium Pull-Up Training Pants with 360° Adaptive Fit,, Hypoallergenic and Super Absorbent for Overnight Use Large
100% Polypropylene Highly absorbent and biodegradable disposable diapers designed with comfort, superior leak protection
Hypoallergenic diapers free of chemicals or chlorine; made from natural fibers to better prevent rashes and allergies

Nateen Premium Pull Up Diapers L (9 - 14 kg | 20 - 30 lbs)

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Extremely soft, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly premium pullups. Nateen Pull-Ups Diapers are designed to help your older baby or toddler to go through potty training. Thanks to its 3D Flex and Fit Waistband, your kid will feel comfortable and be able to move freely.


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  • Size Chart
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  • 1.Pull Up Diapers
  • 2. Size Large
  • 3. For babies weight within 9 - 14 kg | 20 - 30 lbs
  • 4. 20 Diapers per pack
  • 5. If you are unsure about your baby size, please check our Size Guide
  • 6.Looking for a different size? Visit our Product Page

  • Nateen
  • 1. Premium quality (Extremely soft)
  • 2. Highly Absorbent, great for overnight use.
  • 3. Humidity indicator. No Chlorine or Fragrances.
  • 4. Hypoallergenic
  • 5. Neutralize unpleasant odours.
  • 6. The skin breathes and stays dry.
  • 7. Overlaying: non-woven and non-allergenic, for hygienic use.
  • 8. Very high anti-leak protection. Hydrophobic.
  • 9. Biodegradable
  • 10. Elasticated waist 3D Flex&Fit.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Best eco diapers

    I’ve tried and researched many brands and nothing is as good as Nateen for functionality (fit, absorption, wear) and compostability. Seventh Generation is basically green-washing, and other more eco-friendly brands seem to disintegrate during use.

    When we use disposables, we use one or two diapers for most of the day, and one at night, in conjunction with elimination communication (so lots of pulling up and down to use the potty). With other brands, the material pills and gathers like lint after a couple hours, sticking to baby. Nateen diapers hold up to long wears and absorb well over night.

    I looked at the compostability of every eco diaper available in Canada and only Nateen could assure me that I could compost the whole thing at home. Cost-wise they are entirely competitive with any other similar product, and in my opinion they are a superior product all round. The way we use them means we only spend about $40/month on diapers, anyway, and I’m glad to know they won’t sit in a landfill for the rest of eternity. Great customer service, too!