What Diapers to Use to Help Potty Training?

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Potty training is a major milestone in every kid’s life. Where it is annoying for kids, it is equally an intimidating task for many parents. 

Where some kids learn this habit fast, it becomes a nightmare for some parents to teach this simple and basic life practice. Many parents need to understand that kids have to break a habit that they were born with. The first thing a baby gets after being born is a diaper. Yes, you read that right. It’s not feeding, it is a diaper. So for them, it is definitely a lifelong habit and won’t be easy to break. Luckily, we are living in an era where there are many potty training experts and helpful products like potty training pants or diapers. 

Parents must do a little research beforehand on what’s the right age to start training their kids, what signs should they look for, and lastly what diapers to use to help potty training. 

What is the Right Age to Start Potty Training? 

It is indeed the most frequently asked question. The estimated age to start training them for a habit that will go on for the rest of their life is usually 18-24 months. But the truth is not every kid starts at the same age. Also, it is seen that boys learn potty training a little slower than girls. 

Experts say that kids start showing few signs that predict their readiness for the training. 

You must look for those signs as that will save both you and your kid, time and energy. We did some research and shortlisted them for your convenience. 

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Signs your Kid is Ready for Potty Training: 

No matter how hard you try if your kid is not ready himself, you cannot do anything about it. Look at the following signs that will tell you whether your kid is ready or not: 

1- Fewer Diapers: if your kid is keeping his/her diaper drier for two or more hours, it is a good sign that he/she is developing bladder control and is now physically ready. 

2- Regular Bowel Movements: when your kid becomes regular in bowels, it is a clear sign that he is ready and also it will be easier. 

3- Baby is Vocal: When your baby is vocal about peeing and pooping, it is also a sign that your baby is ready. Moreover, it will be easy to communicate with him to start training. There is another common sign and that is when the baby starts talking about dirty diapers. 

What Diaper to Use to Help Potty Training? 

Last but not the least, using potty training friendly diapers is an important step in training your child. You will find a variety of training diapers like pull-ups, potty training pants, cloth pants, waterproof training pants etc. 

Our recommendation is to use pull-up diapers as they make it easy for kids to switch to underwear because of their resemblance with it. 

Our personal favorite is Nateen as they make durable, super absorbent, extremely soft, and above all eco-friendly pull-up diapers.


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