What are the Positive Impacts of using Biodegradable Diapers?

It’s 2021 and if you haven’t made eco-friendly choices yet, when will you? Thankfully, there are very cool and smart eco-friendly alternatives like wooden toothbrushes, stainless straws, wooden cutlery, and so on. Recently, there has been a huge shift from regular diapers to eco-friendly ones. Many parents have timely made the choice to use biodegradable diapers and in addition to benefiting the planet, they are enjoying some of the health benefits as well. 

 Below are the positive impacts of using biodegradable diapers, let’s have a look: 

1- Helping the Planet: 

ecofriendly diapers

An average baby uses 5000 diapers before getting potty-trained. Imagine 5000 dirty diapers per baby lying in a landfill while the cost and health hazards are a whole another story. 

In the U.S only, diapers make up to 2% of the waste. By using green diapers for your baby you are doing a huge favor to the planet. 

If not 100% at least a large percentage of every biodegradable diapers definitely gets composited. So, don’t wait any further and make a planet-friendly choice today. 

2- Free of Chemicals: 

Biodegradable diapers are free of chemicals like chlorine, bleach and fragrances that can lead to several health issues in babies like rashes.

With the time and increased information, parents/caregivers are trying to live a chemical-free life for their babies that include more organic foods, breast milk, homemade baby food, and the list goes on. Since diapers are essential for the baby and play a role in the baby’s health in the long term, they must be chemical-free as well. 

3- Healthy Composition: 

Nateen diapers natural productsYou must be wondering what green diapers are made of if not chemicals or absorbents. The answer is biodegradable diapers are made of skin-friendly components like organic cotton that is super soft on the baby’s skin, aloe vera that prevents rashes, and Vitamin E that keeps the skin healthy.  




4- Easy on the Pocket: 

Not only the biodegradable diapers help our planet they are also easy on your pocket, when you review all the benefits of a biodegradable diaper vs a regular disposable one. Diapers make up most of the total expense that it takes to meet the needs of a baby. Getting a chance to choose a better quality diaper at a reasonable price and that is healthy for your baby as well as the planet earth, is definitely a chance worth having. 

5- Early Potty Training: 

Nateen diapers eco-friendly

Research has shown that babies who use pull-up diapers or cloth diapers are more likely to get potty trained earlier as compared to the ones who use regular ones. 

Before diapers came into existence, parents or caregivers used diapers made of cloth that needed to be washed after every use. With that being a cumbersome and time taking task, mothers were more tempted to potty-train their babies earlier. 


These are some of the benefits of choosing a diaper that not only takes care of your baby but also the planer. Today with many amazing brands available (our personal favorite is Nateen), switching to biodegradable alternatives is not difficult at all. Make that choice and give it a try now!

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