Tips For The First Few Days With A Newborn 

Newborn baby

Giving birth to a baby is one of the most beautiful feelings in the world no matter how much pain and difficulties it comes with. However, the struggle begins right after you have a tiny human being to care for. 

Many parents find it really overwhelming especially during the first few days with a newborn. It’s totally normal to feel nervous and clueless during this time. 

If you are a first-time parent, consider getting some help during this time. This way you get the hang of things with a relaxed mind. 

Here are tips for the first few days with a newborn that has been jotted down by experts. Here have a look: 

1- Don’t Feel Shy to Ask for Help: When you bring the baby home, you will need time to settle yourself and the baby, make a routine and align things as per your convenience. You should ask your friends and family to come over and help you with house chores like cleaning, cooking, and laundry as you make your way around your new routine. 

2- Skin to Skin: In the early days, make sure you cuddle your baby enough and spend some skin-to-skin time daily. This helps in developing a bond with the baby, helps in the baby’s brain development, and also gives you confidence as a parent. 

3- Regular Nappy Change: Make sure you change your baby’s nappy regularly as it helps to keep your baby settled and happy. Use the best quality nappies and diapers such as Nateen that offer a wide range and they are extra soft and eco-friendly. Not changing the nappy on time may lead to rashes and fever in the worst case. 

4- Coddle your Baby: If your baby seems fussy or unsettled, try some pampering tips for him. A warm bath or a gentle massage would do wonders. 

5- Go with Your Gut: When it comes to your baby, never rely on anyone else’s instinct. As nobody knows your baby better than you. The more you spend time with your baby, the stronger bond you are going to develop and in return recognize every cry and sound. 

6- Do not Panic if the Baby is Unsettled: Babies often become unsettled owing to multiple reasons. As a new parent, getting to the root of the problem may seem like a difficult math problem but panicking won’t help you or your baby. Think of the mental checklist of all possible reasons and see if your baby needs to be fed, wants a cuddle, feels hot/cold, or wants to play. 

7- Go out with Your Baby: No rule of thumb says that you should spend time with your baby only indoors. The change of scenario impacts the babies the same way as it does on the adults. Have a walk with your baby out in nature and see how it impacts the baby. 

8- Experiment is the Key: As you are trying to keep your baby comfortable and happy all the time, there is no better way to do that than experimenting. Get to know the tricks of your baby, what makes him settled or unsettled in the first place. Thinking of all these things will help you know your baby easily. 


The relationship that you create with your baby is unique to you both. Learn and evolve with time and remember to go easy on yourselves.

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