Signs That My Son Is Ready To Go Out Of Diapers


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Children are usually ready to go out of diapers at about two years of age, some a little earlier and some a little later. The age of two years is established because it is the period in which the child begins to seek independence and want to do things on their own, reaching their physical, mental and emotional maturity to leave it.

Learning to leave the diaper is a process that requires skills and maturity on the part of the child, so it will not be something that is done overnight. It will be gradual learning until, finally, they are ready.

So don't rush your child or stop stimulating him/ her when necessary, a good idea is to be aware of the signs that your own child gives you when he/she is ready to leave the diapers.

Here are some signs that you might notice.

1. When your child goes to the bathroom and is aware of it

When your kids are already walking and are aware when they go to the bathroom, this means that they understand that when they use the toilet it goes into the bowl and not their diaper. To make this process easier, leave the potty easily accessible to the child, and remember that your child still does not control the time between the moment he/she feels like going to the bathroom and the moment he/she arrives. In addition, if your child is playing or is very entertained with something, he will not know to prioritize whether to go to the bathroom or stay playing, if the bathroom is too far away he will prioritize the game.

2. Can control his/her sphincter

If the child manages to keep his diaper completely dry for 2 to 3 hours, it can be said that he/she has reached maturity in his sphincter control. You can, for example, be aware of the diaper during the child's naps during the day. Make sure he/she sleeps in a dry diaper and that he wakes up dry. This is clear evidence that he/she has begun to control his/her sphincters in his sleep.

3. Your child knows how to undress

Your child will begin to pull his/her diaper or underwear down when he/she feels the need to pee. For these cases, start with pull-up diapers and explain how to lower and raise them. Pull-up diapers are designed to simplify the process of leaving diapers, allowing the child to get used to underwear. You can start with Nateen Pull-Ups Diapers as they are designed to help your older baby or toddler to go through potty training. Thanks to its 3D Flex and Fit Waistband, your kid will feel comfortable and be able to move freely.

On some occasions, the child will not be able to lower the diaper correctly and may wet it with a few drops of pee. This is normal and there is no need to reprimand them for it, as they are not only learning to potty train, but they are also practicing the skill of using their hands as a clamp to lower and raise their diaper.

4. Your child can tell you when he/she wants to go to the bathroom

When your child can communicate with you about their bodily functions, it means that their brain is developing. It also means that they are comfortable enough with you and with their surroundings that they want to be more active participants in what's going on around them. This is a crucial step towards becoming independent and self-confident—and it can make all the difference in how your little one handles his or her new autonomy!

5. Your child can follow some instructions

The child must be able to follow simple instructions in order to understand the steps he has to follow in order to relieve himself in the potty. When peeing or pooping on the potty he should run to the bathroom, turn on the light, lower his pants and/or diaper and sit down. Then, he must clean himself, pull up his pants and/or diaper, wash his hands, turn off the light and let him know that he has already done so. Understanding this procedure requires that the child previously master instructions with a few steps, such as 2 or 3 maximum.

If your child is demonstrating any of these signs, it may be time to start transitioning them out of diapers and into pull-ups. Pull-ups are a great way to help make the transition process easier as they allow children some independence while still being able to feel secure that they will not have an accident. At Nateen, we want to help you find the perfect products for your baby, so please visit our website today to learn more about our pull-up diapers and other products.

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