Should I Wake My Baby Up To Change Their Nappy?

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This is undoubtedly one of the most frequently asked questions by new parents. A part of you, thinks that you should not let your baby sleep with a wet diaper, whereas, the other part of you asks you not to disturb your baby’s deep sleep. It’s a typical mind vs heart game. The answer to the question is “No”. There is absolutely no need to disturb your baby’s sleep unless there is a need to. There are certain times when changing nappies is something you should do on priority, we will review those below.

The most common reason why parents change the baby’s diaper at night is to prevent leakages or blowouts. You can completely eliminate the need to change your baby’s diaper by following some tips: 


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- Change the Nappy right before Sleeping: 


The best way to go through the night before changing the nappy is to do the ritual right before putting the baby to sleep. This will keep your baby dry and comfortable for a good 7 - 8 hours. Soon it is going to become part of a nighttime routine for them as they grow up. 


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- The Perfect Fit: 


In order to prevent leakages and blowouts, you must make sure that your baby is wearing the right size diaper. Any size smaller or larger may lead to a messy situation at night which is something you wouldn’t want to do. Choose a diaper brand that offers multiple sizes for babies like Nateen that has sizes from preemies for your newborn up to Pull-ups for yout toddler. 


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- The High-Quality Brand 


Do your research and choose a high-quality brand for your baby. A poor-quality diaper brand will result in frequent leakages and blowouts. Moreover, it can also lead to foul smells and infections in babies. 


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There is no rule of thumb that says you should not change your baby’s nappy at night at all. The commonly known scenarios when you should change it are: 


Nappy Rash: if your baby has a nappy rash, you should frequently change the nappy all during the day as well as once or twice during sleeping at night. The reason is the soft skin of the baby is very sensitive and hence the rash can quickly change from bad to severe within a matter of a few hours. 


Soiled Nappy: In the case of a soiled nappy at night, you have to change it asap instead of waiting for the baby to wake up. 


While Feeding: The best time to change the baby’s nappy at night is while feeding. You can do that when the baby wakes up for a feed, during the feed, or sometimes right after when the baby hasn’t gone into a deep sleep. 


Too much Tossing & Turning: If you notice too much tossing and turning, the chances are your baby’s uncomfortable with their wet diaper. You should give them a quick change in order to let them sleep peacefully. 

You as a parent are the best to judge when your baby needs a new diaper while sleeping. Just remember that waking him/her up at night just to change the nappy even when he/she is not complaining is not the best for their sleeping routine or yours.


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