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Biodegradable products!
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Do you ever dream of all the things you’ve thrown away? Do you ever wonder how your Dorito’s bag is decomposing or how your Chinese takeout container from last year is doing? Since the answer is NO, it’s easy to say, ‘out of sight out of mind’ and move on with your life. The theme behind sustainability is the consumer taking back control, saying “I am awake, and I will do my part.” Biodegradable products are the help we need as consumers because they have the ability to take the worry out of the equation and act as a responsible alternative to the many single use products we use.


When a brand uses the term biodegradable, it means that the composition of that product is organic. In this way, natural biological agents are able to destroy waste, avoiding soil and water pollution.


Biodegradable products have gained the spotlight in recent times given the increasing awareness of the world population and the conservation of our environment. They are much less harmful to nature because they decompose faster and therefore are seen as a sustainable alternative to the everyday plastic straw that will sit for 200 years decomposing. The result of the decomposition of these products is carbon dioxide (CO2), water and biological material. Back into the nature they go! For example, a normal diaper takes on average 400 to 600 years to decompose whereas a biodegradable Nateen diaper takes between 1 to 2 years only. This is much more beneficial for the environment.


Another important factor for a biodegradable product is the origin of their raw material, what they are made of. In large part, they are produced from biological products, i.e., ecological or bioplastic plastic derived from plant residues like, corn starch, sugar cane, soybeans, and rice. These compounds can be structured and used in place of an element that has a longer breakdown period, making the production process much less aggressive to the environment.

This philosophy is at the core of Nateen. We have products from  80% - 100% biodegradability because we want the best not only for you, but for the world as well. We want to help consumers by taking the stress away from them during the “out of sight, out of mind” moments and let them know with their choices as consumers they are devolving a sustainable world. Every purchase counts!


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