Biodegradable Diapers Vs. Disposable 

Have you heard about eco-friendly diapers being a better option? And, that the diapers offer gentle care to the baby’s delicate skin. We bet that’s what every mom would love to hear and ‘experience’ too.

If your newborn is getting rashes due to wetness or sensitive skin, you surely should choose baby’s diapers mindfully. On top of it, contributing to eco-friendliness could be an added plus.

Let’s talk about how disposable vs biodegradable diapers work for you!

Why You Must Switch to Biodegradable Diapers?

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Well, you might have been using disposable diapers that have turned out to be the third biggest single consumer item in landfills. More shockingly, they contribute to 4% of solid waste. Notably, a variety of plastic-based materials make up single-use diapers or disposable diapers, and plastic is non-biodegradable. 

Alarmingly, disposable diapers make about 60 times more solid waste. Besides, they make use of 20 times more raw materials such as wood pulp and crude oil. How about choosing a diaper that’s not only baby-friendly but environment-friendly also?     

Being parents and responsible humans, this is high time to switch to sustainable options that could benefit your baby at the same time. This is where biodegradable diapers come into play. Being biodegradable means that the diaper is made from natural materials and can break down naturally for turning back into the soil.

Why Can Biodegradables Diapers Help Not Only The Baby But The Environment?

Without a doubt, biodegradable diapers or eco-friendly diapers are less terrible for the earth before they go to the landfill. Wondering why? This can be due to the following reasons;

  • They are made with biodegradable materials.
  • Include sustainably-harvested wood pulp, 
  • Free of chlorine and fragrance

Bit Expensive Still An Ideal Sustainable Option:

Though a bit expensive, biodegradable diapers can be an ideal sustainable solution for eco-living mothers and parents. Optimistically, more and more people in Canada are willing to pay higher to contribute to an eco-friendly environment.  

As per the Green Business Survey, 91% of households having children showed a stronger probability to buy green products and services in comparison to 84 percent of households having no children.

nateen canada ecofriendly diapers

What Do We Have To Offer For The Good Of Your Baby And The Mother Nature?

At Nateen, meaning Natural Green, we are striving hard to produce eco-friendly products, e.g., diapers that could serve your baby in the best possible manner too.  

Our range of premium biodegradable diapers is quite impressive as it comes with various benefits for keeping your baby's skin as soft as silk. 

Offering maximum breathability and softness, our premium-quality diapers provide a high level of comfort to your baby. Not only do our eco-friendly diapers help to keep your little one dry for long but indicate when it’s the time for diaper-changing too.

What’s even better? Our diapers offer anti-leak protection, neutralizes displeasing odors, non-allergenic, and are incredibly absorbent. Best of all, our 80% biodegradable diapers take 3-6 years to decompose, than disposable diapers taking a whopping 500 years to turn back into the soil.   

In fact, our biodegradable diapers have much more to offer you. Click here to buy or to know more.


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