As a Father, How Can I Start Bonding With My Newborn Baby?

New to fatherhood? Bonding with a baby does not involve rocket science. We have come up with a few easy tried and tested tips to bond with your newborn. 

When it comes to newborns, mothers tend to develop a bond faster as compared to fathers. The reason is quite obvious. First, they carry the baby in their womb for nine months. Soon after birth, mothers feed and nurse babies that automatically leads to the development of a bond with them. Fathers may often feel insecure and left out as they don’t get to spend that much time with their newborns. If you are in the same boat, you need to follow the following simple tips to develop an instant bond with your baby. Let’s get started: 

- First Interaction: 

Many may not know this but the first interaction with a baby right after birth has a very long-lasting effect. Fathers who hold the baby a few hours after birth develop a stronger bond with their babies than those who do not. Holding the baby close to yourself and making eye contact has a very profound effect on the father-baby bond. 

- Skin to Skin: 

Skin-to-skin interaction with babies is one of the most important ways of developing a bond with a newborn. Research has shown that there are immense benefits of holding the baby close to the skin including reduction of stress, production of oxytocin, temperature regulation, and blood sugar stabilization. Moreover, babies feel a sense of security and comfort when held close to the skin. Hence, skin-to-skin interaction is of great importance for both babies and parents. 

- The Night Shift: 

One of the easiest ways to bond with a baby is taking the night shift. It will not only give your baby’s mother relief but also give you a chance to develop a bond with your baby as you bottle feed and cradle them to sleep. 

- Take the Diaper Duty

Take up the diaper duty and this will give you another chance to spend some quality time with your baby. Not only does this give time off to the mother but also lets you enjoy some father-baby time. 

- Take your Baby out for a Walk

Babies love to be in the fresh air and it also has a healthy effect on them. So, tuck your baby into a sling carrier and take him out for a walk. Your baby gets to enjoy the fresh air as well as your warmth. 

- Sing the Lullaby 

When in the womb, babies recognize other voices besides their mother’s which is mostly their father’s. So, after birth, a great way to bond with the baby is to sing to them. Stick to a specific song or a lullaby; every time you sing a song to them, your bond with your baby strengthens more. 


Like mothers, developing a bond with babies may not come naturally to fathers but it is definitely not impossible. Follow these easy tips or you can also come up with your own. The tip is to spend more time with them.

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